Top 5 Testosterone Boosters

This blog post was written by one of my staff as the kid know his stuff when it comes to supplements!  I get asked a ton of questions on our top Testosterone Boosters, so this should help a lot.

By Josh Sullivan

My 5 Favorite Test Boosters!

Viridex XT – ok if your heavy into the supplement industry you would know about Gaspari’s Novedex XT. Absolutely awesome test booster. Well after some time every product gets out dated and its time to improve it! Which is where we are now with Viridex XT. This test booster takes a little while to kick in (about 1.5 weeks for me) but when it does, it kicks in strong! With 2 tabs in the morning and 2 tabs before bed its really easy to remember to take. As far as results, definite increase in libido and strength in the gym. Muscles felt good and dense, and every morning awoke feeling very refreshed like I had just slept for 12 hours.


Mutant Test – as stated on the box “ the fastest test amplifier “ usually I don’t look too deep into what is written on the box as it always seems so farfetched… with such comments as “ Proven to boost test levels 8000%!!! “ ok maybe that’s a little exaggerated lol but im sure you have all seen similar comments. But I have to say, this test booster really DID kick in fast!! After the second day I could absolutely feel it kick in, and it has a great ingredient profile to back it up. With an aromatase inhibitor complex (estrogen blocker) and a great natural test complex combined together with their patented absorption accelerator, it really does kick it up a notch in the gym and fast!


BPI A50 – This product had HUGE hype! With a name like A50 (Anadrol 50, very strong prohormone) and it being on almost every 5th page in every bodybuilding magazine you instantly had people talking about it, saying it was going to be the strongest test booster released to date. At first glance, the ingredient profile is a bunch of chemical compounds, which unless you have a degree in chemistry would you even have the slightest clue what they are at first glance lol. Sooo being the supplement nerd I am i went straight for google and started my research. ( the first thing I do when I look at ANY supplements is look at the ingredient profile )

After a bit of time, all those 7-hydroxy-3-(4-hydroxyphenylhugebicep-inducingx100) looking compounds just became simple natural herbs to increase test levels. Nowww onto the product itself! Did it live up to the hype? Not as much as I thought it would unfortunately… It was very similar to that of viridex XT in terms of it taking a while to kick in but this took even longer, think it was a little over 2 weeks before It kicked in and felt really good. Felt strong as an ox in the gym on that 3rd week but the bottle is finished shortly after that! It says on the bottle not to exceed 8 weeks, and I think that was there hint to BUY 2 BOTTLES AND GO FOR THE 8 WEEKS which unfortunately COSTS MONEY. Overall great product but im sure it would be 10x better if you did the full 8 weeks!

Applied Nutriceuticals FREE TEST – alright earlier I briefly brought up Novedex XT, this product was absolutely up there with best of best test boosters, but gaspari has replaced it with their newer version. Well the older version was still awesome!! So when this first came into the shop, as I said earlier I quickly turned the bottle around and started reading the ingredient profile. This product reminded me of novedex with just a different label and cool eye appealing green/black pills! Lol.

Its recommended to stack with product with applied nutriceuticals HGH-UP. The 2 products work together Phenomenally! I had some pretty wild vivid dreams, but woke up every morning bright and early rocking with energy! Most noticeable was the increase in libido and the feeling of being so well rested, next to that was dense muscle hardness in the gym. LOVED this product and stacking the 2 together was very noticeable. Its a great feeling really knowing when something is working and with this product that’s exactly what you got.


EST MethylMass – This product is alittle different, something I haven’t seen before and was very curious to try. A test booster/preworkout in powder form??? Comes in 2 flavors, Orange and fruit punch, I personally had the orange and it tasted exactly like koolaid. Ive had some pretty disgusting tasting products and ive had some that I really enjoy! But on a scale of 1-10 for taste this is getting a 15. I actually looked forward to drinking this on a daily bases couldn’t believe it only had 1g of sugar!! The test booster in this product is DAA (D-aspartic Acid) which you will start to see more and more in upcoming test boosters  (seems to be taking the place of tribulus) as it has been clinically proven to legitimately increase natural test levels up to 30%. ( unfortunately not 8000% lol ) The product has a great ingredient profile with waxy maize/glutamine/creatine and no silly fillers with a small scoop once a day. KICKS IN FIRST DOSE. What an awesome workout I had the first time I took this! TEST BOOSTER + PREWORK = Bi-Winning! lol Its like getting 2 products for the price of 1!

Hope these reviews help you guys pick exactly what your looking for! If you have any questions at all drop down to Heavyweights we are always happy to help!


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