The benefits of the Airdyne!

Do you remember back in the day when a gym was a GYM? As the fitness industry grew gyms seemed to slowly change for the worst. The sad thing is, most people don’t go to a gym to TRAIN the way they used to anymore. Most people just go for a bit of extra activity or to “stay healthy” or even to meet new people and socialize… This is due to the widespread bullshit corporate gyms sell to their consumers. Their main focus is on buying all the shiny new machines that look pretty to attract new gym members who don’t have a sweet clue what anything in the gym is. Then they are given no proper instruction and just hop on the machines the whole time they are there….then they may run on a treadmill for a hour straight… BAD BAD BAD!

Don’t get me wrong tons and tons of people are still in the gym to TRAIN, but out of say the 500-1000 people that go your local gym how many do you think SERIOUSLY TRAIN?

Not only did new machines rapidly start popping up, but some old equipment also disappeared.

Which leads me to the main point of this blog the Airdyne! 

The airdyne is an exercise bike made by Schwinn and was originally released in 1978. They have a seat like normal bikes however instead of the peddles controlling the classic flywheel design, the peddles make the fan on the front of the bike rotate using air to create resistance. As well the airdynes feature handles which also rotate the fan making this a full body movement.

Airdynes never “disappeared” but I guarantee if you walked into one of your local corporate gym you will not see one anymore.

Airdynes are an AMAZING piece of equipment! They have many benefits over the standard treadmill or exercise bike.

Some of the benefits of the airdyne are:

  • Building Resistance – Unlike most cardiovascular machines the Airdyne’s resistance builds up as you go faster, and has no pre-set resistance. This is because the airdyne’s only form of resistance is air! This type of resistance is progressive.
  • Builds Strength – The resistance of an airdyne is progressive, meaning (like mentioned above) the faster you go the harder it becomes. As well you are using both legs and upper body. Making this the one cardio machine that can actually build strength.
  • Durability – In most cases airdyne’s last decades! There is a good chance the airdyne that was at your local YMCA when you were a kid is still kicking around (and hopefully being used) somewhere; and in good shape! This is due to their full steel frames. Yes they can be heavy but I guarantee it will last a longgg time!
  • Rest For Your Feet – For people who do high amounts of running/sprinting throwing airdyne exercise into your training protocol will give your body rest from the excessive impacts from running. Making it much easier on your feet and joints. (Hopefully you have good running shoes and this is not normally a problem)
  • Greater Energy Output – The combination of both the progressive resistance and full body movement makes your body burn more fule or calories than a standard treadmill or exercise bike.

So as you can see using an airdyne is extremely beneficial! Not only does your body burn more fuel and activate more muscle groups then the standard treadmill of today, but it is also a much more affordable option when looking to purchase a cardio machine.

If you are fortunate enough to train at a facility with a airdyne I suggest you take advantage. 

If you do normal interval training on a exercise bike or treadmill try it on the airdyne! I guarentee it will be a much better and productive workout!

I hope this blog helped to educate you on the benefits of the airdyne bike!

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