Benefits of Ergometers

INDOOR ROWING (Ergometers)

Rowing is a very physically demanding sport. It involves many muscle groups which makes it a
great cardiovascular exercise and in turn is an excellent fat burner. Trouble is, not
everyone has access to a boat.  Enter ergometers!

An ergometer is a machine designed to replicate the movement used to row a boat.
The machine does a damn near perfect job.

How do you use an ergometer?
Step 1: Sit in the seat and strap your feet into the foot boards.

Step 2: Keeping your back straight (bend at the hip), knees bent, reach for the
handle.Step 3: While holding the handle, extend your legs by pushing against the foot boards. Follow this by pulling the handle back towards you chest. The ending position should be legs straight, handle pulled all the way to your chest and leaning back slightly. All the while keeping your core tight.

The last step is to return to the starting position.

In case the attraction to rowing a boat, on land, simply isn’t enough reason for you, here are some benefits of ergometers:

  • The rowing motion involves many muscle groups. The activation of more muscles means your body is burning more fuel. Rowing is a much more effective method of burning fat then walking or running on a treadmill.
  • Rowing is a virtually no impact motion. This means that your joints aren’t taking a beating every time you want to row a few “laps.”
  • If performed correctly the movement is a FANTASTIC core exercise.
  • By using proper resistance and the right intensity level it can greatly improve cardiovascular function.
  • In addition to the benefits listed above, rowing can also be used to strengthen and sculpt a large group of muscles. When rowing you are working your legs, arms (forearms in particular), shoulders and core.

Rowers commonly have very well developed muscles in their forearms.
Continuously gripping and pulling on the ore’s, or in the case of the ergometer, the
handle, causes great stress on the muscles in the forearm. This is of great benefit
to anyone who lifts weights or does resistance training because grip is more often
then not the limiting factor in a persons training. Whether you are trying to deadlift
500lbs or do a single pull up, grip strength is huge. If your grip gives out when you
get the weight an inch off the floor, it doesn’t matter how strong the rest of your
body is!

Unlike the treadmill where a motor does the majority of the work for you, an ergometer forces you to engage both mentally and physically. You have to stay focused in order to maintain proper form and to keep the machine going. If you stop, the machine stops, whereas a treadmill keeps going. It doesn’t care how much effort you put into it. It will keep pushing your leg backwards as long as you lift it up and put it back at the front of the track. Ergometers require YOU to work. If you don’t put in the effort than you’re not going to gain anything.  Cardiovascular health, increased grip strength, fat loss or even if you’re looking to improve your lap speed the ergometer is something you should check out.

At HWTC we got rid of our treadmills and replaced them with ergometers. If you make the same switch your training may just reach that next level you have been looking for!